French Windows

French Windows

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UPVC French doors offer the latest in stylish home improvement - giving you a practical way to let more light into your home and allowing easy access to your garden or patio area. A breeze on ventilation, especially when both French doors are open - transform an opening into a grand entrance

Our French doors are custom-made to suit your home in the very latest UPVC. High security hinges are fitted to every French door and protectors are fitted to prevent intruders using a crow bar to gain illegal access.

Locking handles come as standard to both doors and of course - our multi-point locking system is fitted standard across our entire French Door range

Sliding doors can be given in two track, three track and two track four shutter and three track six options for larger openings.

Sliding doors can also be provided with aluminium low threshold which can be flushed to the floor for hassle free usage. Heavy duty rollers are used to take the weight with sash and glass. Locking is with espag multipoint locking system with handle.


Openable doors are custom-sized and can fit any opening. Normally they are used for entry into balcony from living rooms and bedrooms. It can also be chosen to bring in the beauty and sunshine of the outside inside the room. If you have a scenic view of children’s park or a swimming pool outside; install a glass French door and admire it whenever you want. If you want to enjoy the sun but avoid the chilly wind outside, or you want to brighten up your home with beams of sunlight; French door is the right option for you. Use you imagination the possibilities are endless

Our UPVC Openable doors will give you a stunning, secure addition to your home or conservatory. The extensive opening allows unrestricted access to your home as well as maximum ventilation when they are opened up to your garden also opening up your garden

French windows and doors also give maximum sunlight and ventilation since there are two sashes instead of one. When open, they give an enhanced feeling of openness.